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Frequently asked questions

What treats are suitable for puppies?

Check out the puppy box for a range of softer chews that are suitable for puppies. For individual treats please check the information below the product.

Are the treats at risk of splintering?

With all natural treats there is a risk of splintering. All of our treats are air-dried this minimizes the risk of splintering. Our treats are high quality and sourced from within the EU and the UK to ensure the highest product standards.

How long do the treats last?

They last 6 months from purchase, we recommend storing them in a cool dark place like a cupboard.

Are the treats healthy?

Natural treats are very healthy! They contain lots of nutrients, natural vitamins and protein. Each box contains a mix of treats with higher and lower fat content for a balanced and healthy treat box. Natural treats support immune function, joint development and clean teeth.

My dog has allergies, can I change items in the box?

Yes you can change items in the box and there is a section at checkout to note any allergies so they can be accommodated to.

What treats come in the subscription box?

The subscription box will contain lots of treats from our selection. The treats will be different every month to keep it interesting for your dog.

What size are the treats?

All of the treats are full sized but as they are natural treats they will vary in size.

What is the fat content in the treats?

The fat content varies in the treats and you can have detailed information on this if you need please send us an email for this.

Do I need to monitor my dog while they eat the treats?

Yes we recommend that you monitor your dog while they eat the treat to make sure they are chewing it safely. Make sure to also provide fresh drinking water.